Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin Bio

Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin is an author, genealogist, historian, musician and chef.

Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin is a 7th generation San Franciscan and a fifth generation Azorean Portuguese-American. His great great grandfather Louis (da Fonte Garcia) De Fount left Porto Pim in Faial, on a New Bedford whaling ship in 1876. Louis arrived in San Francisco (Sausalito), California in 1878.

In October of 2013, Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin traveled to the Azores (to Pico, Faial and Sao Jorge) and visited his da Fonte Garcia family. He extensively documented his Azorean trip/family pilgrimage via 3,000 photographs and through his own personal blog entries as well. He also every city, every church and every graveyard where his Azorean Portuguese De Fount (da Fonte Garcia) once lived and where thousands of them still live today.

Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin met with two of the leading genealogists of the Azores to be able to trace his De Fount (da Fonte Garcia) family tree back to the 1600's on the islands of Pico, Faial and Sao Jorge. Maria Noberta Amorim lives on the island of Pico and is a university teacher in mainland Portugal. Maria has dedicated the last 50 years of her life documenting Azorean Portuguese genealogy via a Portuguese government genealogical website and via books that cover the genealogy of most, if not all, of the families in most of the major cities on the island of Pico. Genealogist João Ventura lives on Terceira Island, Azores and does genealogy research on all the islands of the Azores.

Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin is a proud member of the Portuguese Hall in Sausalito, California and also a member of its History Comittee.

Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin is credited as an author of the Sausalito Portuguese Heritage Walking Tour book and online app which was a collaboration between the Portuguese Hall and the Sausalito Historical Society. Click here to download a free copy of  "Sausalito Portuguese Heritage Walking Tour" book.

Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin is currently researching and writing "The Azorean Portuguese of Southern Marin" for the Arcadia Publishing Company.

Heath De Fount (da Fonte Garcia)-Haberlin resides in both San Francisco, California and in Tamalapais Valley, California.